Duolingo Timing


I am confused as to when the start of the day for my Duolingo day is. I am unable to have successful streaks because my Duolingo days start and end at normal times.

Thank you,


May 11, 2015


In your Home page, to the right, under your Streak count, there is a number that says: 'x hours left'. That is what tells you when your Duo day starts/ends.

Is there a way to change it?

You could use a custom userscripts. Check the Duo wiki page's userscript list.

Were you in a different time zone when you first signed up for Duolingo?

You can find out which timezone Duo thinks you are in if you go to You will see a page of HTML looking code and if you search the page for 'timezone' you will see it.

Is there a way to change it back to US time?

Duo doesn't provide a way but there was a post on these forums recently which mentioned a user script that could change it although I have never tried it myself. Unfortunately I cannot remember the URL of the post, perhaps someone else bookmarked it and can let you know.

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