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"My cat is eating the food without salt."

Translation:Tuzsuz yemeği kedim yiyor.

May 11, 2015



Could this also be Kedim tuzsuz yemegi yiyor, and for that matter Benim kedim tuzsuz yemegi yiyor? And if so, what's the difference. Would I be right in saying that in the example, there are a few cats, and I am specifiying that 'MY CAT' is eating the food without salt. Whereas in my examples, there are a few foods, and my cat is eating the FOOD WITHOUT SALT?


all of your comments above are correct :)


Can it be mamasi instead of yemegi?


"mama" is baby food :)


Benim kedim tuzsuz yemek yiyor neden olmadı.


That would be "My cat is eating food without salt" :)

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The sentence is too ambiguous. I wrote "Kedim yemeği tuzsuz olarak yiyor" thinking the cat had the option to eat the food with or without salt, and it was eating it without the salt. The translation "Tuzsuz yemeği kedim yiyor" seems to imply there was unsalted food somewhere, and then my cat found it and started to eat it.

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