"Bakkal hastaneye yakın."

Translation:The grocery store is close to the hospital.

May 11, 2015

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I am a bit confused by the Dative. Can I also say Bakkal hastanen yakkında?


"hastanen" would mean "your hospital." The Dative almost always corresponds with the English "to" or an indirect object (with some exceptions).

I think you tried to made a genitive-postposition construction, which would not work here. "yakın" normally takes the dative for whatever you are talking about being "close to." I hope that was clear enough. If you have any questions, let me know! :)


Bakkal hastanenin yakınında. - The grocery store is near (to) the hospital.

Bakkal hastaneye yakın sounds better though.


Yes! Bakkal hastanenin yakınında! That's what I meant. I am surprised to learn that I can use Dative here. I'll just have to memorize it as "-E yakın". Thank you so much for your quick and good explanations!!! :) Sağ ol!


Why "the grocery store is next to the hospital" marked wrong?


Because yakın means: close, or near.

To say "next to," I think you should've rather used: yanında.

Your translation doesn't match the Turkish phrase.


I wrote the "Grocery store is "near" to the hospital, but it was marked incorrect. As a native English speaker, I'm certain that there is not much difference between "near" and "close" in this context.


"near to" sounds pretty strange to me. You would just say "near." In addition, you forgot an article with "grocery store."


Is it "Hastaneye" because of yakın or there is "a motion somewhere" i am missing?


Yakın Arabic word يقين


Well يقين also means trust in Urdu:)


Edit: nevermind, mixed grocery store with grrengrocer (manav in Turkish)

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