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Worthless Immersion Points ?

Why can I get points by just copying the Duobots translation and paste it to get points ? Perhaps I'm missing something but it does not seem like a good way to learn.

September 23, 2013



The translations will have to be checked by the Duolingo community in order for them to remain valid. Other Duolingo members can upvote/downvote your translation based on whether or not we think it's right. I'm not positive, but I have a feeling that if the translation is ultimately seen as incorrect, the proper points will be deducted from your count.

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Perhaps it's better to look at the Duobot version as a helping hand for less experienced translators to get the gist of what is being said for the particular sentence.It can be frustrating at first to be able translate some sentences in a passage and then be totally puzzled by several sentences that are more complicated.This can cause a loss of focus.At least the Duobot can be used to provide an approximation with which less experienced translators can use to work out how the sentence is or should be structured and will hopefully maintain the flow of the article providing context for later (and sometimes previous sentences). Also it can be used as a means of comparison for already translated sentences .Less experienced users can check the submitted versions against the duobot versions and pick up on the subtleties that the machine cannot provide in a specific case.Remember the machine may be able to translate words and perhaps apply a little syntax but cannot be expected to draw on the content in the rest of the passage to apply context. Whether or not you get points by just cutting and pasting the duobot version is not really an issue . By not trying you're not making much progress in the language and are only deceiving yourself in the long run.At the very least you should be trying to present an alternative to the duobot version as this is good practice and a good start to thinking like a translator. Good luck !!


Thank you for your reply. My concern is less about the adults who may police themselves, but more about children who are working through the lessons because they are challenged by their friends points. Once they discover they can use the duobot to increase their points, it becomes a copy / paste competition. (I've told my children they are not to do anymore 'translation' at this point ) Is there a way that users could remove their own translation points in the stream if no effort was used to get those points ? Thanks!

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I appreciate your concern in this .All that can really be done I suppose is to use the trees as barometers for progress rather than the points total and emphasize that real progress comes with moving down the tree. However you've raised an interesting point and given the increasing interest shown by teachers in Duolingo it is certainly something for them to be aware of also. Sorry but I can't help on the points adjustment query. Good luck.


You're absolutely right - this might be an issue. I had the same thoughts when I did my first immersion translation, more than half year ago.

My suggestion was to implement some sort of 'incentive' mechanism, in which you're rewarded for providing high quality translations, and scolded for a poor work which is getting a lot of downvotes.

It's a general idea which can be introduced in various ways, e.g. by granting points when your translation is upvoted, rather than just submitted. Wouldn't be cool to get a constant stream of points for doing a good work? And being worried that if I mess something up, I might end up losing the points.

Or some kind of statistics visible on the profile to brag about. Or be ashamed of, when your translations are horrible.

The choices are infinite, but if nothing was done about it so far, so it isn't the top concern of Duo team for now. I rarely see people trying to get easy points this way, maybe because the community is pretty mature. My personal bet is that they've focused on solving the most common issue which is popping up every now and then, which is... "add xyz language", "why my language isn't available", etc.


Now I know what you are talking about, Mr. Shanton. I don't either think that this way to gain points is beneficial. I believe that this Duobot was created to help out people who do not know a few words, not to simply copy and paste the sentences.


Yeah it's just way to easy there no challenge in it, which makes it no fun.


Yes, I agree. I don't think it's fun to gain points without a challenge, because you know that your not making any progress.

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