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Turkish "Immersion" Here!

<h1>Turkish "Immersion"!</h1>

So I know we're all itching for Immersion to practice our skills in the newer languages - Irish, Turkish...Klingon... >,>

But it seems it may not be happening any time soon officially...so...welcome to the unofficial Turkish Immersion! \o/ It won't get you any XP or translation tiers, but we can still collaborate on translating and learning from each other - which I think is what most of us really want it for anyway/

Here's how we're going to do this:

  • Find your article, story or text that you want to share for translation from Turkish to English.

  • Copy-paste it into a Google Doc.

  • Remove all hyperlinks and pictures, make all font the same size and easy to read, and put each sentence on a new line, with a space between each.

  • Click "File", "Share", "Get shareable link" to get a permalink to the document.

  • Post here with: the title of your Document, the permalink to the Google Doc, the link to the source, and how many sentences there are.

I'll add them all to the list below and keep it updated

Here's how we're going to do the actual translating and collaborating:

What's happening here?

  • The article "Türkçe" (title bold and underlined) has been uploaded as a Google doc, with hyperlinks and pictures removed, and sentences spaced out on separate lines.

  • User "Aietra" has picked purple for her contributions in this article. She's not very good at Turkish, and has translated the title and first sentence, adding her DL username in the square brackets after her translation.

  • User "tardiswardroberoom" (not a DL user, just my Tumblr, so don't go finding anyone with that name expecting them to be any good at Turkish!) has chosen green for her contributions. She privately thinks "Aietra" has made a very silly mistake indeed, but has refrained from leaving any irrelevant comments on the article, and has politely corrected beneath "Aietra's" translation, putting her name in square brackets at the end.

  • Fortunately, user "Aietra" agrees with "tardiswardroberoom's" correction, and so, has put her name in curly brackets after TWR's - essentially, an upvote.

And that's all there is to it! No, there's no downvoting - only correcting. There's a chat on Google Docs, up in the top right corner - that can be used for explanations and discussions.

I've no idea how this will work out, and I'm sure problems will show up, but let's give it a go! \o/


May 11, 2015



just that you know, immersion section already exists for the reverse direction here on Duolingo, English to Turkish


Oooh! I didn't know that - thank you! -modifies accordingly-


Is that how we should get further practice in Turkish? I feel ripped off right now because I was really looking forward to attempting translations. I can't travel to Turkey, in fact I rarely leave the house, hastayım.


Hey guys, you mean if I have got a Turkish text and I want it translated, you guys eager to voluntarily do that??


It's not so much a case of people volunteering to translate stuff for you - it's a collaborative effort between learners of Turkish. Just like the real Immersion. Of course, the obstacles this faces are that: a) it's shiny new, so not many people know about it, b) some people might only want Immersion for the XP, which this won't give, so not as many people will do it, and c) it's just one thread, so unless it becomes widely known or linked in a sticky, it'll get buried.

Spread the word, bookmark and follow this thread, and we'll see how it all works out!


Has this thread sat unused since you posted it 9 months ago? Shame.




In the real immersion - Italian to English, French to Spanish, etc. - you advance levels as you translate more. So, for example, if you look on my profile, you'll see that my French-to-English level is 9, and my English-to-French level is 1.


And how can I try that? I can't find any section on the web site as translation or stuff?


It doesn't exist for all languages. There's no English-to-Turkish Immersion, and there's no Immersion at all for Irish. That's why I've started this.


You're most welcome to upload them!


Has anyone been doing this/have any interest in doing it? I'd love to get help on some translations/help others to the extent that I can. I am preparing for a translation test in a few weeks and could use all the help I can get =)

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