"Quantos dias nós temos?"

Translation:How many days do we have?

December 24, 2012

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...before we die?


(JOKE) For you, not long, I'm sorry


I translated, "how many days have we". Why is that not accepted since 'temos' means 'we have/have we', not 'have we got' according to duolingo?


In American English, we normally say "How many days do we have?". For questions we put a helping verb in front of the subject and the main verb after the subject. In this sentence, 'do' is the helping (auxiliary) verb, 'we' is the subject, and 'have' is the main verb. It may not be incorrect to say "how many days have we?", but it sounds strange to use, very British.


I don't know that Duo intends to accept only modern, non-British English. Regardless, "How many days have we?" is perfectly fine American. If the system likes it not when you use it, report it!


What part of the U.S. are you from? I know people from all over the U.S., and I have never heard anyone say it that way except for British sitcoms or movies and an English textbook in Brazil. But there may be some older American dialects that preserve more of the British patterns. Since "How many days have we?" is correct in some English dialects, it should be accepted by DL.


It seems we are agreed: When translating to English in a learning app for another language, it is not so important whether an English phrase is commonly used in your conversation circles, but that it is valid English for the purpose; by reporting it, we make the app better for all learners, not just those who talk like us. Cheers!

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Nothing strange about 'British'!


But it s a question bro.In portuguese there are conjugations per each verb , so you dont have to use subject. But sometimes to express some feelings they use , just like in Turkish. Also they dont have an another structure for questions,they do this with just stress,which means temos means either we have or do we have. Capis...;)


he might want to ask : what's the date today???


More likely asking how long before a deadline. "How many days do we have [to finish the work]?"


Why does the voice say "nois" here, instead of just "nos"?


That is how "nós" is pronounced by some people. =)


It could be pronounced "nos", "nosh", "nois" and "noish"


How do you ask "what's today's date?" I lost a heart on this one too.


What's today's date? = Qual é a data de hoje?

But it doesn't sound as natural. We usually say "Que dia é hoje?"

I hope it answers your question! =]


Is it okay to omit the subject in portuguese? As a native spanish speaker, my reflex is to write "Quantos dias temos?"

I also know, however, that you can't do this with all romance languages. French almost never lets you do this. Can it be done in Portuguese? It seems more natural that way


Yes, it works almost alike as in Spanish.

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