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Students found a new cheat! Please fix!

My students have found a new way to complete the lessons without actually going through the material. They have told me that once they turn off their WIFI they can enter anything and it will accept it as correct. I noticed when I saw that they were completing their lessons in minutes. Please fix this so I can continue to use this program in my classroom. Thank you!

May 11, 2015



Control their progress distinctly. Give them an offline test, if they like it so much, - an old good paper test or a different software. And without using their own devices. If they have cheated on Duolingo, that's their problem. They can complete lessons how they want but grades are not for that.

How do you think it is possible for the server to accept an answer with no connection?


I used to give them a grade for completing the lessons (as a homework component). For my Italian 1 students, they were not allowed to test out (they were getting more advanced students to help them test out) and had to actually complete the lesson. It was an easy grade, however they took advantage of it.

I might start giving them quizzes instead, however that's not what I intended to do with this software. It's unfortunate that they had to ruin such a great opportunity to gain more practice with the language.

I remember at the beginning of the year, the app. would work without WIFI. I'm really not sure how it works now.

Thank you for your response.


It des seem odd that it does that when not connected to wifi. I tried on my own phone to do a lesson without wifi and it still grades me like it would if I were connected to the internet.

Sorry I couldn't be of help, but I agree with iyugov, you could still use it as a homework component, but also do quizzes on the sections in class/do paper homework sometimes to. :) Best of luck.


Use quizlet for the tests instead


There is now a reset button. If students have "tested out" of a skill, asking them for the meaning of the words practiced within the chapter (which are visible in the teacher setting) would allow one to know if the student has in fact acquired the language. Testing out would mean that a student not only knows the vocabulary but can also use it within the basic sentence structure, correctly. A simple oral test will uncover the lack of learning. I would follow up with an outside source of testing. At my school we use Renaissance Learning to test reading readiness as a way to test what level a student is functioning at. The more they practice on Duolingo the better they are at showing reading readiness in English.



Where is this reset button exactly? Do you know?


You would have to ask the student to log into their Duolingo account. Go to Settings, Learning Language. A window pops up asking what language you want to learn and just below that in gray is a Reset button. It will take the student back to Day 1. I found it and how to cheat posted online.


What I would do is tell the students that if they cheat or do not really do the work, then 1 paper quiz at the end of the term, will catch them out, and they will flunk the class and have to retake it next year - from the beginning, and that they will be expelled from the class and have to find something else to do that hour, which might involve in-school detention, because cheating is against school rules. Also explain to them how cheating does not do them any favours. Discuss how many companies hire bilingual people as they need interpreters. Yes, this is very harsh, but students need to learn the realities that what we learn on the Telly does not work in real life.


This is a serious concern and has been a problem for my classes as well. I hope that it is fixed immediately.

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