"Sen küçüksün."

Translation:You are small.

May 11, 2015

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Why isnt the "k" changed to a "ğ" here?


The suffix -sIn does not begin with a vowel. This only happens between two vowels :)


But there is no "sln"? Am I missing something?


There is a -sün :)


Sün yes . You are man .. "are " sin,sın ,sün ,sun . Anladın mı ?


Did I miss something in the notes? How is "sln" related to "sün"?


It is 4-way vowel harmony in action: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9041808

That link will describe this phenomenon using a different suffix.


Here, you might want to go to the Grammar Portal https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7738932 and click on Consonant Mutation.


Can this also mean you are a/the small one?


It also means You are very young. What do you mean by 'the small one'? Do you mean a kid?


How can it mean very young when there is no 'çok'? Yes, like a kid, if you asked "where is the small one?"and i say "ben küçüğüm", like "i am the small one". Is that correct?


It's because small means küçük, not young. Young means genç. So if you say 'you are small' to someone you actually imply that he/she is small in age/size or "very" young. I wouldn't say it means only "You are young." because then you wouldn't use the word küçük to express it. You can just say Sen gençsin.

Ufak is a synonym word for küçük and it means exactly the same thing. When we talk about kids we usually say 'ufaklık' which can be translated as 'the small one' I believe.

Where is the small one? -> Ufaklık nerede?


peki, çok teşekkür ederim :).. And in case there is no synonim for something, then we could translate it the way i suggested? for example sen guzelsin (i have an english keyboard) could be used as you are beautiful + you are a beutiful one + you are the beautiful one? (if there is a synonim for that also then i hope you could understand anyways what i am trying to ask :)


I understand now that your question was much simpler than I thought. Sorry for making it complicated. Yes you could, they all are translated the same way in Turkish. If it's not accepted here try reporting it.


I struggled with listening to this for some time. My first answer was small and written in the correct form, but I had doubts and changed it to you are a child. How can I hear the difference?


Hello katheryn, "çocuk" and "küçük" are rather different. You'll become able to distinguish those two words with the time. I often observe that when i change the first choice, i am wrong.......Have a nice new year, Kathryn!


its little bit hard


Maria, what is hard for you?


How should "you are a child" be?


Sen çocuksun.
https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7738500 Suffıxes for To Be https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9041808 4-way Vowel Harmony https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7738932 Turkish Grammar Portal

When they say "sln", in the tables the "l" in the middle means one of four vowels to be determined by 4-way Vowel Harmony. It took me a while to get used to that. I kept wondering what happened to the "l" and how do we know which vowel to put, but you look at the last vowel that is already in the word and that decides which to add.


can we ommit the pronoun ''sen '' and say only the conjugated adjectif since its expresses the pronoun itself ?


I would say yes. Is-it right?


Yes, if you want to talk more casual or friendlier to nativez.


Now I know. Thanks for your comments AlexinNotTurkey


Kucuk in persian translate "koochak" Turkish is near to persiannnn Thanks guys(masoumeh_zahedan city)


Said the actress to the bishop


Why use "sen" , if the meaning of "küçüksün" says "ARE" small? İt wouldn't be SİZ instead SEN ?


no, because there is a rule to follow for the -sIn, just look at the 4 way vowel harmony rule here on duolingo and you'll understand more or just search "4-way vowel harmony" on youtube and you can watch people explaining the rule.

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