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  5. "Vi vill åka nu!"

"Vi vill åka nu!"

Translation:We want to go now!

May 11, 2015



What is the difference between "vill" and "vill ha"?


I think -not sure- we use "vill ha" when we want to have something, so it's followed by a name not a verb. While we use "vill" when we want to do something, and it's followed by a verb not a noun.


When do we use "åka" as opposed to "åker"?


Åka is the infinitive.


Is there something we can do to listen to other people saying the same things? Any other ways to work on listening comprehension? My biggest difficulty is understanding when Swedish people speak at what I would assume is a normal conversational pace. Swedish is by far the most difficult language I've learned regarding listening comprehension.

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