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"They drink."

Translation:Zij drinken.

3 years ago


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How do you know if you use drinkt or drinken?

3 years ago


If you want to know how to know wehter it is the one 'zij' ('she') or the other 'zij' ('they'): this is usually clear from context.

If you want to know what this 'drinkt'/'drinken' business is all about, read Grammar: The Dutch present simple. The Dutch conjugate their verbs. This means that the verb changes with who 'executes' the verb. Like "I know" vs. "he knows", only with more verb forms.

3 years ago


;_; This is so confusing. I do not understand when 'ze' and 'zij' is the correct one to use, or when to use 'drinkt' or 'drinken'.

3 years ago


so... zij can be used as "they"?

2 years ago