Translation:Güle güle!

May 11, 2015



So what exactly would be the difference between "Hoşça kal/kalın" and "güle güle"? Is the former more formal than the latter? Can the latter only be used with one person or can it be used to say goodbye to multiple people? Thanks!


Actually, traditionally "güle güle" is only to be used by the person who stays behind. The person who is leaving says: /alasmaldık/ (abbreviated pronunciation of "Allah'a ısmarladık").

But the latter one is falling out of use, as of late. And there are people (like myself) who use "güle güle" in both cases just to keep things simple. "Güle güle" is a friendly expression, but it is usable in formal contexts as well.

Or just use Hoşça kal / Hoşça kalın all the time if you want.


Thank you very much for the explanation! :D


I answered with Görüşürüz or görüşmek üzere and they were wrong!


görüşürüz olmaz mı


I put Hoşça kal and it still isn't being accepted -_-


'Iyi güle' should also be accepted shouldn't it?

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