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  5. "Sunum ne zaman başlıyor?"

"Sunum ne zaman başlıyor?"

Translation:When is the presentation beginning?

May 11, 2015



Would 'Sunuş ne zaman başlıyor?' also be alright or does the word 'Sunuş' refer to something different?


This is a great question. sunum refers to a physical thing that you a presenting (a report, an essay, etc.). They are often paired with Powerpoints.

sunuş refers specifically to the style in which something is presented. (Like "his presentation of the fact was not satisfactory). The first is more concrete and the second is more abstract.


Thanks.So if I understood you right' sunuş' would be definitely wrong in the sentence above, because we are talking about the beginning of a concrete presentation.


Exactly! You can't really asked when one's presentation style will be starting. :)


Any idea why my dictionary gives Sunma as presentation?


sunma is the gerund form of the verb sunmak but it is not normally used to mean presentation. That may be the reason.


"Sunum ne zaman başlıyor?" Translation: When is the presentation beginning?


When does the presentation start? - Correct.


Shouldn't 'my introduction' be accepted for 'sunum'?

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