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"U kunt reclame maken voor uw bedrijf."

Translation:You can advertise for your business.

3 years ago


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"advert" is not used in US English, not in the midwest anyway. Ad or Advertising but not advert, it's an abbreviation just like auto for automobile?

3 years ago

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Well, in UK English, we only use "automobile" in a few very restricted senses ("automobile manufacturers" and "The Automobile Association", for example), but never just "auto" for short. So no, it's not "just like" - because we don't do that. But yes, in the UK, both "ad" and "advert" are acceptable short forms of: "advertisement" - so in that sense they are similar to the U.S. use of "auto" for: "automobile".

3 years ago


Promote is also good...

3 years ago

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Promoting has a broader meaning. Reclame maken or adverteren (advertising) is one way to promoten (promote) something, but there are other ways for promoting that are not reclame maken.

3 years ago