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  5. "¿Un mes o un año?"

"¿Un mes o un año?"

Translation:One month or one year?

December 24, 2012



I can't hear the "o" here, all I hear is "Un mes un año"


yes . you are right. this sentence says "un mes un año" has no "o"


Yep. I agree. Didn't try it slow, but it is definitely not obvious fast.


In Spanish, vowel sounds seem to merge into one word. So instead of "o un" you hear something like the English word 'own'. Like in some other languages the subtleties are in longer pacing for double vowels. One quick beat for un. 'Oon' - Two quick beats for o un. 'O-oon' as apposed to quick beat pause quick beat. -'O oon'-


Spanish slang talk for ya.


I didn't even think about using the slower voice here, because I just heard "un mes, un ano" =( Goodbye to one heart.


I was not able to discern the 'o un' even after several repeated plays at full speed. Even after I had played it slowly to confirm that the 'o un' was necessary (because I figured grammatically it was necessary but I didn't hear it) - so I knew it was 'o un' I still could not really hear it at normal speed.

Question: Is the speaker in DL accurately articulating ? I see many complaints about not being able to hear what was said. Is this an aspect of Spanish that we need to get used to, in terms of knowing to hear the correct words from the context of the conversation because they will generally be slurred ?


I think it is something that we need to get used to listening for. From what I can remember, they do it a lot in Spain. We traveled to several cities around the country and most people seemed to speak as if everything was jumbled together and not clearly pronunciating. I notice the same thing here in Queens NY. A lot of latin people live in the area I am in and ther speak is oftentimes slurred as well. I guess it naturally happens when people start speaking very quickly.


Like others, I couldn't hear the o, and i couldn't distinguish that it was supposed to be a question


It would help a lot if the voice made questions sound like questions - like they would in real conversation.


It seems so inconsistent. Sometimes there must be particles and sometimes there don't have to be. Seriously.


I like that these sound ones dont take away hearts


isnt it ''A month or a year?'' since ''One month'' would be ''Uno mes''?


"un" and "una" can mean "one", "a", or "an"


Un mes is correct, uno mes would be wrong.


I recently learned that before a masculine, singular noun, "uno" becomes "un."


mes ,the e is not lsounding like a as the e in the spanish do? its different


Everyone seems pretty much in agreement here, enunciate the 'o' and we'll hear it.


Something is not clear by prononciation of "o" in this sentence. The intonation is very fuggy.


Yeah, definitely they need to enunciate a little more, seeing as we are all learning, also, that sounded NOTHING like a question, she just said it flatly, no rise at the end of the sentence :(


Why would someone ask a month or a year? Like ask in, "Do i have a month to live or a year?"? Or, something else.


I never caught the "O" and I played it over ten times. Bad, bad example.

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