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"El teniente habla con el coronel."

Translation:The lieutenant speaks with the colonel.

December 24, 2012



Why are we learning every police and army rank- before we are learning more basic job titles that are more likely to come up in every day life, eg taxi driver, nurse, shopkeeper? When does the average person need to consult a lieutenant, investigators, colonels, commanders etc!!


Agreed - I have been very pleased with all other Duolingo lessons, but this one is very disappointing.


I agree. I don't remember signing up to learn military Spanish. My mother and most of her friends are nurses. I also know some cooks and waitresses. I don't know anybody of any rank in the military. Although, I may know want to know later it seems like we should be learning COMMON jobs right now.




What they should do is have a section called MILITARY with all the ranks and fancy things, like they do for ART, SCIENCE, etc.

Some of the military vocab actually came in handy while I was playing a Spanish video game and came across soldados.


Don't forget the royalty!


More than agreed … The "occupations"-chapter should be about common jobs …


I agree you(all) should send feedback. If it's useful, here are these. taxi/bus driver= taxista / chofer de taxi/(ómni)bus shopkeeper= tendero/a almacenero/a


Anyone else getting creeped out between learning military ranks, investigator etc and then translating sentances like "We are investigators" "My uncle is not an agent" ....how to say "i'm innocent?"....I feel like I'm being set up


Agree- I don't think I've ever used the word "lieutenant" once in my entire life.


And I don't know how to spell lieutenant either :)


agree! I don't even know how to spell these in my native language. I don't think I have ever needed to spell "lieutenant" in my life!


Right--lieutenant, colonel, king, queen, prince, count--wtf?


Agree with the other comments here


"The busdriver talks with the passengers" would be a lot more practical at level 8. I am not even attempting to put the words colonel, lieutenant, and count in my long term memory. !Que ridiculo!


I totally agree, practical use of the language would make it much easier to learn.

Although Duolingo has now taught me to spell lieutenant correctly in English...


Why is it so important to be able to write the correct English spelling when you try to learn Spanish? As English is not my mother tounge, I don¨t thinkt it is too important,


I think it's just so they make sure that you know exactly what it is. Also, the whole point of the website is really to translate the internet, so you need to be able to spell the English word correctly for the translation part of it.

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