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  5. "Læser du mine bøger?"

"Læser du mine bøger?"

Translation:Are you reading my books?

May 11, 2015



Please explain the difference between "min" & "mine" ???


mit / dit (t-words; singular neuter words; for words that uses 'et')

ie. det er mit/dit æble (that is my/your apple) ; æble is a t-word

min / din (n-words; singular gender words; for words that uses 'en')

ie. du har min/din kylling (you have my/your chicken) ; kylling is an n-word

mine / dine (for plural regardless of gender)

ie. du har mine/dine kyllinger (you have my/your chickenS)

I hope that helps!


Quite a bit actually, tak!


Bob: Are you reading my books? Joe: No. Billy: Yes. Bob: Which one? Billy: How to destroy Bob. Joe/Bob: WHAT!?


Why is "You read my books?" wrong? The question is understood

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Because the context it would be used in is different. "You read my books?" would be more said in surprise or to confirm something that had been said. For example:
A: Jeg elsker dine bøger! (I love your books)
B: Du læser mine bøger?! (You read my books?!)

Whereas the question here is just a yes/no question asking if the other person has read the first person's books. For example:
A: Læser du mine bøger? (Do you read my books?)
B: Ja, jeg glæder mig til at læse den næste (Yes, I'm looking forward to reading the next one)

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