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  5. "Læser du mine bøger?"

"Læser du mine bøger?"

Translation:Are you reading my books?

May 11, 2015



Please explain the difference between "min" & "mine" ???


mit / dit (t-words; singular neuter words; for words that uses 'et')

ie. det er mit/dit æble (that is my/your apple) ; æble is a t-word

min / din (n-words; singular gender words; for words that uses 'en')

ie. du har min/din kylling (you have my/your chicken) ; kylling is an n-word

mine / dine (for plural regardless of gender)

ie. du har mine/dine kyllinger (you have my/your chickenS)

I hope that helps!


Quite a bit actually, tak!


Bob: Are you reading my books? Joe: No. Billy: Yes. Bob: Which one? Billy: How to destroy Bob. Joe/Bob: WHAT!?


Why is "You read my books?" wrong? The question is understood


Because the context it would be used in is different. "You read my books?" would be more said in surprise or to confirm something that had been said. For example:
A: Jeg elsker dine bøger! (I love your books)
B: Du læser mine bøger?! (You read my books?!)

Whereas the question here is just a yes/no question asking if the other person has read the first person's books. For example:
A: Læser du mine bøger? (Do you read my books?)
B: Ja, jeg glæder mig til at læse den næste (Yes, I'm looking forward to reading the next one)


How is 'do you read my book?' wrong (ok not the most usual in English but still fine)

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