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  5. "De meisjes lezen de krant."

"De meisjes lezen de krant."

Translation:The girls read the newspaper.

May 11, 2015



Does krant specifically refer to the newspaper, or paper in general? Like i English, we say "im reading the paper" and everyone knows that refers to a newspaper

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I believe it's specifically "newspaper", since "krant" comes from the French "courant", which is cognate to the English "current", as in "current events".


How do you know when do use 'de' and 'het' in a sentence? I always get things wrong because of it


Scroll down to "Tips and Notes" for an explanation on the use of de and het: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/dn/Basics-1

Briefly, "de" is used for feminine, masculine, and all plural nouns. "Het" is used for singular neuter nouns.


I thought it was "het meisjes" because it's a dimunitive - is there a reason "de" is used here?


All plurals use de.


D'oh, of course! Thanks for the reminder ;)


The paper in english means newspaper


I feel dumb for asking but it literally cuts me off as soon as i day "de" am i that bad??

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It's a fault of the technology, nothing to do with you.


Same with me. Sometimes it cuts off even before you start to speak.


I wrote "De meisjen lezent de kront". This is not a typo, I got it wrong. No problem about it, I'm still learning, but I can't learn if you say it's right and don't let me practice it until I get it right.

This happens to me too many times with Dutch language, I would like to get my answers always wrong unless I get it perfect or at least let me choose if I want to repeat it.

Will I get less experience? Sure, but I'll learn more.


I mean, your never to young to read a newspaper, I guess. But what if the boys wanna read it to?

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