All one way!

I am just now doing the section on dates and times in the English/Dutch programme. For a while now I have noticed very few questions looking for translations from English into Dutch. I feel that the material is not going into my head as it should, and as I am not sixteen any longer (indeed not for sixty years), I need examples in both directions.

May 11, 2015


Duolingo is currently experimenting with new algorithms that will increase the number of translations from English into the target language because a lot of people have complained of the very same thing you are. It's hard to get an algorithm quite correct. For me even (and I am a high schooler) it is easy to translate from the target language to English but I get all confused when it's vice versa.

I notice the same thing. Using the app on the phone, it's much closer to 50/50 translating from one language to the other (Italian in my case), but on the web site , it seems like about 95% of translations are into English.

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