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  5. "Lawyers drink a lot of tea."

"Lawyers drink a lot of tea."

Translation:Avukatlar çok çay içer.

May 11, 2015



Would "Avukatlar çok çay içerler" also work?


That verb should work as well. If it wasn't accepted, try to remember to report it the next time you get the question. :)


Thanks. Could you explain what the difference is between the two?


Well, they are both perfectly acceptable. "içer" is the third person singular form and "içerler" is the third person plural form. The thing is, with the third person plural you can use either the verb for the third person singular (in this case içer) or the verb for the third person plural (in this case içerler). My thought is that there might be an instance where using içerler instead of içer might remove some ambiguity, but really either is perfectly fine. :)


Neden bu cümlede 'birçok' yanlış? (Why is 'birçok' wrong in this sentence?)


My guess is because it hasn't been introduced in the course at this point.


Look a little down the stream. Alex explained it. 'That would be more like "The lawyers drink a lot of teas." like a lot of individual cups.'


Good question İ wondered the same thing


Hey, I'm a little bit confused, again. Why don't we use "cayı" instead of "cay"? It is an object in this sentence, isn't it? Or we don't use the accusative every time just because there's an object in a sentence? Should it be some particular object? Please help.


Would 'avukat' work instead of 'avukatlar' as well? I remember there being instances where the singular in Turkish could also be translated to the plural in English.


Not in this case. You are remembering the general direct objects, where using the plural marker is incorrect. When a subject, you must mark for plurality. :)


Ah, right! Teşekkürler! :D


In egypt we call the lawyer " Avokato" , but it is old fashion word , but i like it :), no wander i like turkish :))


Just annoyed my sentences get sent off before i get it finished! i would have known it...!


What's the difference between "The lawyers are really drinking the tea" vs. "The lawyers are drinking a lot of tea?"


Why is "avukatlar bircok cay icer" wrong ?


That would be more like "The lawyers drink a lot of teas." like a lot of individual cups.


İ dont know how but i did it


Lawyers = Avukatlar , tea = çay , alot = çok , drinks = içer According to Turkish rule of forming sentence ( Sub. -Adjective - Obj. - Verb ) Hope this helps so Avukatlar çok çay içer

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