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  5. "He works as a guard."

"He works as a guard."

Translation:Ele trabalha como um guarda.

September 23, 2013



"Trabalho" is conjugated for the pronoun "Eu"


If I wanted to say that "he works like a guard" (as in he's not a guard, but something similar), is it the same sentence?

If I wanted to say that "he works like a dog" (meaning that he works very hard), would it be "ele trabalha como um cachorro", or would that be too literal?


You can say "Ele trabalha como um cão". That's the most common use.

Ele trabalha como um guarda = he works like a guard/he works as a guard. For the former, you can also say "Ele trabalha como se fosse um guarda" to make the distinction.


"Ele trabalho" or "ele trabalha"? how do these depend?


Every verb in portuguese is conjugated according to the pronoun it's being referred to. So, for each pronoun and each tense you have different endings for the verbs (sometimes they match). To help you understand better how to conjugate a verb you may click on this link: http://www.conjuga-me.net/verbo-trabalhar. Also, going over discussions here helps you a lot! =)

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