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"Okumak istiyorum sadece okumak."

Translation:I want to read, just read.

May 12, 2015



why is there no comma in the original turkish sentence


I translated this as "I want to read only to read." If I wanted this English meaning, what would the Turkish sentence be if "sadece okumak" does not translate to such?


Hmmm...this should be added. Adding it now. :)

  1. I want to to read for the sake of reading.

  2. I want to read just to read.

  3. I want to read, just read.

The first 2 have the same meaning whereas the last one means that you only want to do the action of reading and nothing else.

Would the Turkish sentence actually mean all of the above?


We shouldn't have to struggle, trying to find meaning in such confusing sentences. I am surprised that this question has gone unanswered for a year.


The third one would only be said by someone who is tired & stressed-out; they “just want to read”. This never appears unless one is trying to read while another is preventing them from it. “I just wanna read, man.! …, just read.! :;D”


Why is "I want to read only to study" wrong?


"okumak" can only mean "to study" when you are talking about a specific academic subject.


Can "sadece" be replaced with "bir tek"?

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