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how long it takes to complete the Turkish tree if one is English speaker ?

How long will it take to complete this Turkish tree ( all the skills ) if the learner is an English speaker ? In other words, how fast can he/she complete the whole activities currently present ?

May 12, 2015



I've seen it done in 72 hours and quite honestly, I believe the whole tree is completable within a month or 2, depending on how committed the user is.


My goal is a year - I'm not one to rush through trees


Perfect. You'll be done in plenty of time. You're right there's no rush! ;)


If you have another aim besides just completing the tree for fun you could ask us for advice if you want. It is fine just to complete the tree for the challenge if you want, but if you are learning Turkish for a purpose you may want to do more or less than completing the tree depending on your aim.

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