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"My brother sleeps in the bedroom all day."

Translation:Min bror sover i soveværelset hele dagen.

May 12, 2015



Why is it "i soveværelset"? I thought værelse used "på"?

[deactivated user]

    For some reason, we say "på værelset" and "i soveværelset.

    Let's look at how many results Google comes up with for each option:

    • på værelset: Ca. 1.380.000 resultater

    • i værelset: Ca. 98.300 resultater

    • på soveværelset: Ca. 9.160 resultater

    • i soveværelset: Ca. 338.000 resultater

    I don't really know why we do this..


    Strange! Thank you for looking that up, though, and for the response.

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    In dutch you would use 'op' (på) if you would stress the room (på soveværelset og ikke på køkkenet).


    Why 'hele dagen' and not 'den hele dag'? Is that an exception for hel?

    [deactivated user]

      Why isn't "den" used before "hele dagen"?

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      Dag = day, dagen= the day.
      Most germanic languages use the article here, English is the exception when saying "all day". But in "the whole day", the article is present again.


      ..hele dag should be accepted

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