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  5. "Han er derhenne."

"Han er derhenne."

Translation:He is over there.

May 12, 2015



Can this be used for location, like the English sentence implies?

"Derhenne" looks like German "dahin", which can only be used for movement, e.g. "he is going over there" (can one say "han går derhenne"?), not for location.


"henne" can only imply location. "hen" would be used to indicate movement (Jeg går derhen = I'm going over there)
There are several words that work like this (hen/henne, over/ovre, hjem/hjemme, ind/inde, ud/ude) where the base form is for movement and the e-form is for location


Ah, I see! Thank you! Will have to try to remember that.

Thank you also for the other examples!


det synes jeg ogsºa! mange tak, Xneb!

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