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Strengthen Skills

Hello everybody! Everytime I use the Strengthen Skills option (in Dutch at least), I never know at the end which lessons did I strengthened! I mean, there is no symbol at the end of the practice that indicates you which lessons' content have you improved and how much.

It would be great to improve that graphic part and implement the same icons that appear when you strengthen some previous lessons by doing new excercises (which have previous lessons' vocabulary), because now I dont really know if I'm actually rising the practice gauges with this method D: Am I?? Well, this is not for having a golden and shinny language tree, but just for having control of which lessons should I practice the most. I think this is an important thing for the Duolingo Staff to improve (and Flashcards for Duuuutch <3 )

Thanks to everybody! And thanks so much to Duolingo mates because thanks of this amathing invention now I know a new language!

May 12, 2015



That is not very necessary, because if their algorithm for choosing words with low strengths works well, it should be fine.


It's cool if they still refresh the lessons you strengthen, for me it's quite fine. But it would be algo nice if you could see which weak lessons have you improved at the end of the excercise.

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