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New person...missed instructions

I am new and on a Kindle learning Spanish. How do I get the Spanish letters? The instructions came up as I was going out the door yesterday and it doesn't say in the help section. Thank you!

September 23, 2013



I'm not familiar with the Kindle, but a discussion I read said it's similar to the iPhone. If you need a ñ, press and hold down the n and it gives you the option of which n you need. Here's a link to that discussion:


Good luck!


Well, I'm having a hard time making the link work. It just won't let me edit it. Copy and paste the URL into your browser, then delete the ";" (semicolon) between the & and cd. I did that and it took me right to the discussion.


Hey! Go into your settings and then select "language & keyboard". You should be able to change the keyboard to Spanish from there.

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