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My French Tree finished golden! What to do next? What is an inverse tree?

I finished My French tree today after several months of learning. I am fortunate because because my boy friend is a native French so I can keep pratising by talking with French on daily bases.

But other than that, I remember reading about doing a inverse tree (or something like that) after completing, and I cannot find it anywhere. Could anybody tell me what it is and if it is avaiable where I can find it? Thanks very much!

May 12, 2015



Félicitations !

The reverse tree is simply doing the English course for French speakers. You can switch to it by clicking on the round little French flag at the top left of your tree. Your French tree won't disappear by doing this, but you can only see one of these at any one time, so you'll have to keep switching back and forth if you want to keep your French tree gold (which I encourage you to do).


I will certainly do it and keep my French tree gold too! Thanks a lot!


Congratulations!! The reverse tree is To learn English as a French speaker


Félicitations ! J'avais aussi fini mon arbre de français et j'ai commencé l'arbre d'anglais en français :)


Hey I can tell what that means! Sorry I'm just learning french in school and using Duolingo to get a better understanding of the language and get ahead of the class as well. Still need to keep practicing but ill get there eventually! Congratulations to everyone who has finished their tree!


That's a fairly good start! It just looks scary, when you get into it it's quite logical actually. Just try not think about it in an "English way" :)

[deactivated user]

    A reverse tree? Go to the course page and in the "I speak..." box put either all languages or French and find the English from French course


    Ah! got it. Thanks a lot!


    Great, an inverse tree is learning English as a French speaking person.


    You can use the assimil method too, talking to foreign people and etc ... Congratulations my dear!


    Congrats! Another excellent tool that has already been discussed here is lingvist Search in the discussion's session, there are some people doing it, and I personally think lingvist really boosts the learning, along with duolingo


    Lingvist is great! As so many other resources, it's not enough on its own, but it's very good for learning new words and hearing them pronounced well in natural sentences.

    It is free for now, but will probably carry a fee later, so get practicing quickly! I am about halfway through their deck of 4000+ words. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to use the reading and listening resources on there...


    Hahaha I have the same problem, i am just too lazy to use the reading and listening sections. I prefer to either memorize or make duolingo reviews. Still, lingvist really helped me to finish the French tree


    Really cool that you finished congratulations.

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    good job, you're trying your best, and i think that's what's important.

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