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Mobile for learning English is in English?

I set up a cousin of mine to learn english and the choices on the duolingo mobile create account page was learn spanish, french,.... or english from spanish, english from french..... So I picked learn english from spanish and I would have thought they would have been teaching english with the question instructions in spanish, but they're in english.

If I go to the webpage, there is a selection to chose the language of the site, I don't know if this is a necessary extra step, or just their for creating an account, but how do I fix this?

September 23, 2013



I don't know if you're using an apple product or an android, but for me (I'm using an apple product), the language of the application follows the language of your device. It used to be in English, but then I changed it to Portuguese, and everything on my duolingo app changed to Portuguese as well, automatically. :)


In the iPhone app the UI language is based on your iPhone settings. Go into your settings to change them to Spanish (they must be currently in English).


i'll try that for my android device


that worked, thank you

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