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  5. "Elas são mulheres."

"Elas são mulheres."

Translation:They are women.

September 23, 2013

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I almost said 'eles' and then I realized it was 'mulheres' at the end so I got it right, but 'eles' and 'elas' sound to much alike!


maybe the robotic voice because in daily conversation it is clearly seen!

[deactivated user]

    How do I know whether to use somos or são?


    Nós somos = we are

    Eles/elas são = they are

    Vocês são = you are (plural).


    Aren't they the same thing? ??????????????????


    No - In English it happens that conjugations are usually only distinct for the third person singular (he/she/it). Just because English uses "are" for we, they, and you, does not mean that the conjugations are the same in Portuguese.

    If you say "Nós são" or "Eles somos", it's wrong, just like saying "We is" or "He are" is wrong in English.

    Ser (present tense) = Eu sou - tu és - você é - ele/ela é - nós somos - vocês são -eles/elas são


    Which one is correct? mulhers or mulheres? Why?


    When the word ends in R you have to add ES to make it plural: mulheres.


    How do I know whether to use Sau or Sao?


    São,don't use sau, is not correct


    They are womAn wrong They are womEn right Dont get it?


    woman = mulher (singular). women = mulheres (plural).


    Guys how do we know when to pronounce 'e' as 'e' in 'the', and when as 'i' in 'this'? because i can hear they are pronouncing mulher -i-s..


    ee sounds like /ee/ (bee) when it comes at the end of a word. If it is followed by an S at the end it still has the /ee/ sound.


    Super Paulenrique, thanks for prompt reply :)


    I kno this off topic but can i kno the translation of 'eh noix'? I tried translating it on google and all but it doesnt give me an answer. Thanks.


    Neymar_tash "eh noix" is not of the portuguese grammar. It is a popular pronunciation. Would be like "is we" in english or write correctly in portuguese "é nós". I'm sorry by english. I am a native portuguese speaker.


    just goes to show you...not all women are ladies. "They are women" is correct, of course, but try using "ladies" and you get incorrect.! "Eles sao homes," "they are men", is correct (I believe,) but are they "gentlemen"? Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe no but then again, "gentlemen" was not given as a possible translation for "homes" as " ladies" was for "mulheres" . Probably because most men are dogs and it's not even an option contextually or otherwise. Probably a whole seperate word. "Senores" perhaps? I have no idea. Just a thought as I study this language.


    Woman or Women? Or is it the same? i don't get it.


    Woman = mulher. Women = mulheres.

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