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  5. "Io sono una ragazza."

"Io sono una ragazza."

Translation:I am a girl.

December 24, 2012



It took me way too long to realize they're showing Io as I-O not L-O. In case anyone else was as horribly confused as I was.


Is It just me or she talkIng extremely fast


Italian and Spanish too


Yes she is in a hurry, jeez!


She doesn't. They talk much faster in real life :))))


i know my mom speaks fluently in italian she speaks sssooo much faster than the lady


She doesn't. They talk much faster irl


I think that's Italian, baby. Get ready for fast cars and some of the fastest tongued people in the West.


It's a "robotic" voice. Yes, Italian can be spoken quite fast, but the problem is that this voice it's not realistic. It's just a sequence of individually pre-registered sounds (which are pronounced differently from when they're part of a word/sentence) and of course the "melodic string" (we use this term in glottology/linguistic) of the sentence is broken → it's hard to understand. I apologize for my English


I thought she was late for her funeral. ;) I turned off sound questions so that I wouldn't be docked for impossible to understand speech. Its easier to learn how to speak and hear a language, if you have lips you can read.


For me she is not talking fast


Every sentence begins with a capital letter, so there is no need to be confused. i and L are perfectly distinguishable if you become used to the fact that at the beginning of a sentence it is I and L, and in the middle it is i and l.


You would think that. I used to think that to a certain extent. That presupposition goes to hell as soon as you pick up some World languages that are romanized. For example,Iida kaori is a celebrity in Japan.(j-pop group morning musume) You have no idea how many times I've seen her last name spelled as "Lida" . I've seen this happen in other languages too. Mostly from well-meaning fans of this or that popular cultural export of the moment, but it happens with everyday words too.


Ahaha, if only that were true. Why on earth did they do away with having lines above and below the capital I (i)? Although the lowercase l does have a slight tail, if you look very closely, but it should be more of a tail, as distinguised as the top of the f maybe?


Lol same here..i was saying Lo instead of io


Yes I certainly was and I tried clicking the mic then playing the recording of them saying it 3 times no luck.


Yes I was but I can spell it io as well as we practiced.




Thanks you are life saver!!!


Thank you, thats why i keep getting wrong


Yes! They should use a different font.


Haha it is not confusing it is fun, learn well


Does ragazza apply for teenager too?

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The proper translation for teenager is "adolescente", but the dictionary defines "ragazzo" as "Chi è nell’età dell’adolescenza o della giovinezza" (Who is in the age of adolescence or youth), and it's a much more popular word.


Ragazza is for girl teenagers only Here in italy we used 'bambina' for female child


So is io posted only for girls? Like, here you have "io sono una ragazza". But for boys it's "sono un ragazzo". So is 'io' feminine?


No, io means I. But Italian don't need subject all the time. You can say "sono una ragazza" or "sono un ragazzo" without subjects, or "io sono una ragazza" "io sono un ragazzo" with subjects. They are both correct.


Thanks a lot for the clarification....i had the same doubt..!!!


Is there any difference? Does it change the context of the sentence? Does io translate differently than io sono?


"Io" it's only "I". You can say "io sono andato" or "sono andato" and the meaning is always "I'm gone". You (English people) use always the subject, we don't use it all the time just because sometime is clearly understandable from the context. Sorry if my English is not correct...:/


Your English is good.


Wow...the line of yours..."You English people"...is awesome..(i am from India)


No "io" isn't feminine.Io it uses for male and female and means "I". Sorry for my english, im italian.


Your English is good.


The pronounciation is so fast in the Italian course!


How to pronounce Z in Italian : I understand that ZZ is to be pronounced as 'ts' or like zeit in German. And that a single Z is to be pronounced as in Zulu, the NATO call-sign. My question, if you could help, is if the 'z' is at the beginning of the word, like 'zucchero' (sugar), is it then always 'ts' as well? I can't seem to find a clear set of rules for its pronounciation. I'd appreciate it if you could help. Thanks


I'd use Forvo www.forvo.com to get pronunciation. They have an iOS app as well. Natives speak every word and you can then hear how its really pronounced. Also, you didn't ask the question to the Italian. SarahFrazz and ChiaraLion1 are Italians.


That pronunciation was f-a-s-t!


imagine it like this : when you talk about anyone/anything undefinetely it always needs the un....how you choose the ending of this last depends if the word ends wit a or o and how it fits phonetically with the noun = unA ragazza(fem) unA stella(fem)

unO stupido(m)

un uomo(m+phonetically suitable) un marchio(m+phonetic suitable) un ancora(fem+phonetic suitable)


What's different between "io sono" and "sono"?


What is the difference between un and una


"un" and "uno" are masculine while "un' " and "una" are feminine


i put i am a woman and it was wrong


it took me 2 hours to figure it out


Ok is it me or does it sound like she is saying un rather then una


Io or io doesn't work

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