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  5. "Je veux quand même manger."

"Je veux quand même manger."

Translation:I want to eat all the same.

December 24, 2012



"Quand meme" is an expression which can also be translated as "nonetheless"


Thanks sashok25, have a lingot


The way she says quand sounds like comme


I put comme too :) But I did know it was wrong when I did it because that wouldn't make sense.


What is the difference between quand meme and encore?


Encore means "still" as in continuing in time. "He is still sleeping at five o'clock in the afternoon."

Quand même means "still" as "even though." "He still wants to eat even though the food is bad."


Thank you, one lingot for your help :)


DL didn't accept it (we all live and learn), but it should have : I still want to eat. Or: I still want to eat though.


So, "Still, I want to eat" is acceptable, but "I still want to eat" is not. If the first is acceptable, the second has to be also since it is perfectly correct to put the adverb in either place in the sentence. Another example of Duo imposing arbitrary standards of correctness.


Why not 'I still want to eat'?


No answer to this yet - I; wondering the same.


I'm still wondering about this myself.


this is a tough lesson here... Problem being.... expressions don't usually translate literally from language to language... I want to eat just the same.. is the same as saying i still want to eat.,,the expression quand meme maybe needs to be explored more. when same...same time...? This would be a great "classroom" lesson. The more discussion on this the more you remember and learn.


Here is a good page on "quand même": http://french.about.com/od/vocabulary/a/quandmeme.htm

Expression: Quand même

Pronunciation: [ka(n) mehm]

Meanings: anyway, even so; really; finally...


Didn't accept "I still want to eat" (April 2018) - in UK English this can mean I want to eat nonetheless/all the same.


I put "I want to eat, regardless" and it said no. I thought that would be ok?


This has tripped me up too. I try to remember this from wiktionary: "'quand même' has the sense of in spite of an adversity, while 'de toute façon' has the sense of regardless of the factor."


I said "I want to eat the same" however it was corrected to "I want to eat ALL the same" - does quantity actually come into this, or should I have also been considered correct?


I don't think it's a concept of quantity, but of insistence. All the same, anyway, still.

"Let's not stop here, the food is really bad." "But I'm hungry. Je veux quand meme manger."


OR "I still want to eat" but duo lingo doesn't like that


I put: "I want to eat anyway." It was accepted. It is January of 2019.


I'm also curious to know


"Quand meme" translates as "still" in some cases, you can read about it here: http://www.babla.fr/francais-anglais/quand-m%C3%AAme


What is the difference "even though" and "even so." ? I wrote: Even though I want to eat. Duo wrote: Even so I want to eat. why only dou's answer is good and mine is wrong?


"Even though I want to eat" does not mean the same thing. That expression is missing the explanation, "Even though I want to eat, I have to work now." Whereas "Even so I want to eat", means for example, even though I have to work, I still want to eat.


is 'quand meme' here interchangeable with 'tout de meme' ?


How about a translation of: I still want to eat??


Am. English = I want to eat anyway.

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