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Progress Quiz in Spanish - my students need lingots!

I would like to have my students take a Duolingo Progress Quiz in Spanish, but some of them have spent their lingots on the track suit and flirting etc., and don't have enough left to purchase the quiz. (It is an end of the year idea to have them take the quiz.) Is there a way to rack up lingots quickly?

Also, as feedback, I find it strange that the quiz is in the same category as clothes for your owl, etc. Is there another way that students could more frequently have access to progress quizzes without having a naked owl as a consequence of the quiz requirements? They love the fun of purchasing in the lingot store and what kid wants to buy a quiz over formal attire for their owl? Why even charge lingots for progress quizzes?

May 12, 2015



I gave you 255 lingots so you can donate them to your students :)


MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS. That was so kind. Thank you very much!


Do you know how I can give lingots to my students? I don't see a "give lingot" option except in discussions.


yes they would have to comment somewhere


I will donate some lingots to your students. How many?


Thank you for your kind offer! Another user also offered to donate lingots, and gave me a lot. If I need more I'll let you know. Again, MUCHAS GRACIAS.


Hey! You can also ask me if you need any more for your students. I completely understand the desire for the owl clothes and now that i've gotten both outfits i have a few extra lingots! Let me know, haha.


hola, como estas? de donde eres sabes muchos idiomas parsero!

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