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"Hon lägger tidningen golvet."

Translation:She puts the newspaper on the floor.

May 12, 2015



What is the difference between "lägger" and "ställer"?


"Lägga" means to place something down, it can also be translated as "Lay".

I think "Ställa" means to place something in an upright position.


That makes sense, thanks!


Like "to drop something down"?

"Drop (lägger) the gun on the ground" and "Put (ställer) the gun on the table"?


When you lägger something, that thing will be lying down afterwards.
When you ställer something, the thing will be standing up afterwards.
Bottles and books are good examples. Jag ställer flaskan på bordet but Jag lägger boken på bordet – typically we would place a bottle into standing position and lay a book down.

A gun will usually be seen as lying down in Swedish, so I would say lägg pistolen på bordet. For dropping the gun on the ground, one could either say lägga too, or use släppa, which has more the 'let go of' meaning.

If you ställer a gun, the gun would have to be in an upright position afterwards, this is difficult with most guns.


Cool, much easier than what I thought it would be. And what about "tappas"? This is when you drop something unintentionally?


Yes, tappar.


Could one say "She sets the newspaper on the floor."?


Does this mean that she unfolds the newspapers to cover the floor, or just drop them?


She intentionally puts the newspapers on the floor, she doesn't drop them


Why is "she puts the newspaper on the ground" incorrect?


"On the ground" would be "på marken". In English you can use the word ground to mean both the floor of a building or the ground upon which you walk, in Swedish these two words cannot be swapped. In other words, "golvet" holds only one meaning: the floor.

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