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  5. "Jeg modtager nøglerne."

"Jeg modtager nøglerne."

Translation:I receive the keys.

May 12, 2015



Same question here as with "antager". The woman pronounces the fast version with "--tejer" instead of "--tager" sound. Which is right? Is it regional/contextual? Depends on how fast you are speaking?


The normal speech sounds right to me. The TTS can be a little temperamental. In this case, the a has more of an /æ/ sound, and the g is soft, so it has a /j/ sort of sound. You can hear a real person's pronunciation here: http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=modtage


hi there! Danes tend to throw away ejer and make it ta when they speak, both are correct :)


This is definitely no [æ] sound, but an [ɛ], in my opinion.


'Receive' can be translated as 'får' and 'modtager'... so if I said 'jeg får nøglerne', would it mean the same thing? Also, can these 2 verbs be used interchangebly? Thx


får = get modtager = receive

the first one is less formal, but usually theyre interchangeable

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