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New mobile website

Just noticed that there's now a website specifically designed for mobile. I don't know exactly when this went into effect, but I am a huge fan. It's so much easier to check discussions on my phone now.

That's all. :) - Clara

May 12, 2015



Yeah, mine just changed today! Definitely easier to navigate now (the desktop version was VERY uncooperative in Opera), but I still haven't figured out how to see notifications or activity on my/other people's profile.


Nice streak. The most I've ever got was 101. @ClaraH1


which site is that?


This one, duolingo.com. Before this I just had the regular computer website on my tiny little screen.


Wait, what do you mean? You used to just use the app but now you use the website?


No, I still use the app for the actual language practice. But there's no discussion tab in the app, that's what this new mobile website is very useful for.


I had it a long time ago... could have been an A/B test.

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