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Bug — No XP gained for testing out

I had strengthened a skill and had gained 10 XP already. For fulfilling my daily goal of 20, I tested out of a skill I had already practiced — 2 lessons were left. So when I was finished, I expected the XP in the ‘Finished’ screen to go from 10 to 30.

What happened was that my displayed score initially was –10, and then went up 20 points to 10.

The problem is, that wasn’t just a display error. When I got back to the home screen, I still had only 10 XP.

Why did that happen? Did this ever happen to someone other?

May 13, 2015

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I just strengthened another skill, and my XP went from 30 to 40. So it was just a temporary glitch that showed 20 points less than I had.

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