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  5. "Er pengene i skabet?"

"Er pengene i skabet?"

Translation:Is the money in the cabinet?

May 13, 2015



When would you use penge and when pengene? Is pengene when you're talking about a specific amount of money and penge for money in general?

[deactivated user]

    penge = money

    pengene = the money

    They are both plural in Danish.

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    Do you use pengen for 'the coin'?

    [deactivated user]

      No, "a coin" is "en mønt" and "the coin" is "mønten".


      Can penge refer to bills as well?


      Both bills and coins, yes. Both is money (hope "is" is the right verb here)


      I thought money was plural in both AmE and BrE. Are money always considered one 'lump', and not several units?


      Money is definitely singular in BrE and as far as I know it is in AmE too. I guess you could say it's considered as a lump. The units would be pounds/dollars/whatever currency you use. There is a plural form 'monies' but it is only used in financial contexts, where it is used to emphasise that money comes from a number of different sources.


      Thanks for setting me straight.


      Money is uncontable in English, but countable in Danish. That's why they say mange penge, instead of meget penge! and many danes say "many money" when they speak English, it's a very common mistake


      It felt very wrong to say "is" here for some reason. Only me? I wrote "are" about three times before I learned.


      No, it felt wrong to me as well. Still does. :)


      Jeg vil ikke fortælle dig, hvor jeg gemmer mine penge

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