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Bonus skills popping out for strengthening every day (Android app)

Hi everyone! I study Portuguese. My problem is that the bonus skills (especially the "Flirting" one) keep on popping out for strengthening EVERY DAY on my Android devices. I am on level 14 now, the number of lessons I have to strenthen keeps growing, but all of them shift and change, they are never the same. The only one which is an everyday routine is "Flirting" which I am about to hate already ))). Can you fix it somehow, please?

May 13, 2015



Same is happening to me, but when I check on the website, it's not needing strengthening.


Exactly the same! I happens only on my Android app and never on my desktop


Wow, you are from Scotland! A magnificent country, been there 2 years ago. Cheers! ))


Can't help thinking its funny that its the flirting wanting you to keep practising lol


Right you are! Now I'm a flirting maestro and pick-up monster, can hook up a dozen of Brazilian chicks in a flash! lol

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