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  5. "Nasıl bir ev arıyorsun?"

"Nasıl bir ev arıyorsun?"

Translation:What kind of a house are you looking for?

May 13, 2015



Why is this not "how are you looking for a house?"


I think that would be more "bir ev nasıl arıyorsun?" Modifiers tend to go right before the things they modify, and at the beginning of the sentence, "nasıl" is more associated with the house than with the looking. (But let's see what the native speakers say about it, because I'm still getting the hang of Turkish word order... =) )


Yes I agree on that. When you put nasıl before the noun it becomes more like an adjective (what kind) and when you put it before the verb it becomes more like an adverb (how). However, in daily speaking it's not that strict and both translations can be understood depending on the context.

By the way the direct object always takes accusative ending if it's not next to the verb even if it is indefinite. So it becomes like (Bir) evi nasıl arıyorsun?

Good job ! :)


Ah, I did not know that about direct objects -- thank you! =)


i agree i have never come across' nasıl' meaning 'what kind of'


It does indeed mean this as well :)


What type of a house are you looking for?

Why isnt this accepted?


In strict grammatical terms, it should be "what kind (type) of house" -- although the indefinite article is often used in colloquial speech.


Why is "What house are you looking for" wrong?


you would say "which" in this context, because you are looking for a specific thing in a subset (a.k.a. houses).


Arıyorsun is "looking for" and "calling" on the phone?


What sort of a house are you looking for? Was also not accepted.


'' What sort of house are you searching for '' Was not accepted. 14.10.2019


Is "Nasıl bir ev arıyor musun/musunuz?" correct or is "mı" only used for yes/no questions?


Yes, only for yes/no questions. Another way to think of it is not to use it in a question that already has a question word like ne, nerede, nasıl, etc.


"Kind" yerine "type" kullandığımda hata veriyor. Arada nasıl bir fark var acaba?


I wrote "nasıl bir ev alıyorsun" in the listening and it was accepted. I only realised I completely misheard after. So although it is one letter off, the meaning is completely off. So it would be great if this answer could be rejected instead of accepted as a typo.


About 'What kind of a...' How do you differentiate the usage of 'nasıl', 'tip', 'tur' and 'tarz'?


How can it be "Nasil" when that word means "how" not "what"???


Nasil means HOW so why is this not "ne tur"?

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