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Jokes in Spanish

Un pez pregunta a su amigo, (One fish asks his friend,)

“¿Qué hace tu padre?” (What does your dad do?)

El otro dice: (The other fish says:)

“Nada.” (Nothing/he swims)


Do you know any good jokes in Spanish?

May 13, 2015



El doctor llama por teléfono a su paciente:

The doctor calls his patient by telephone:

  • Vera, tengo una noticia buena y otra mala.

"Vera, I have good news and bad news."

  • Bueno... dígame primero la buena.

"Well then, . . . tell me the good news first."

  • Los resultados del análisis indican que le quedan 24 horas de vida.

"The results of the analysis indicate that you have 24 hours left to live."

  • Pero, bueno, ¿eso es la buena noticia? ¿Entonces cuál es la mala?

"Well, that's the good news? Then what's the bad news?"

  • Que llevo intentando localizarle desde ayer.

"That I have been trying to reach you since yesterday."


Jajajaja! Dos lingots para ti!


"Verá, tengo una noticia buena y otra mala"

That "verá" is translated as "Well, " or "You see"

So it's something like "You see, I have good news and bad news"


My Joke: I am confused at English.

If coche means car, and hombre is man...

Does that mean my aunt Carmen is a Transformer?


Carmen should be

sort of XD


Gracias! Dos lingots para ti tambien!


"Doctor, no puedo recordar nada!" "Y desde cuando tiene este problema?" "¿Qué problema?"


¡¡No es una problema - es mi vida!!


In Spain there is a tv program that jokes about the "Spanglish" (mix of Spanish and English that people with poor knowledge of English use). You can find some videos on youtube:


  • Mamá, mamá en el colegio me llaman culona. "-Mom, mom in the school they call me "Big Ass""
  • ¡Bah no hagas caso!. Y, ayúdame a doblar tus bombachas. "-Nah dont play attencion!. and help me to folding your panties"


Gracias! Tienes unos lingots!

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