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(I can help those who want to learn Turkish)

Apart from the sound, style and Chinese by leaving eight dialect in terms of the vocabulary of features that many dialects as well as Urdu with Hindi is considered one language and accordingly the language with the most speakers in the world ranking of China's first, against the adoption of the fourth language Hindi Turkish language as well in order to reach 220 million by the speakers it should be considered as a single language. Turkish language is in fifth place among these criteria the language with the most speakers in the world.

May 13, 2015



I would like to disagree with the idea that all of the Turkic languages are one language. Turkish and Azeri are quite close, but I am very certain that if you tried to understand Kazakh, Tartar, Uyghur, Uzbek, or one of the many others, you would not be able to understand them. Also, if you ask the people of Central Asia, most of them are quite proud of their languages and cultures. Many also spend a lot of time trying to learn Anatolian Turkish, which can be difficult because of how different it is from their own tongues. Having studied a bit of Kazakh and Uzbek, I can attest myself that they are really very different.

Spanish speakers understand Italian, but they are not called dialects of the same language. :)


because everyone's language has its unique culture


And what about turkmenistan? I met a turkmen who says that turkish "anatolic" is so easy for him, if you met a turkmen will you understand him? also he told that turkmen language is about to extinct because most of people there use russian, I felt sorry for that ((


turkish and turkmen languages are in oğuz dialect but azerbaijani and turkish are in west oğuz branch but turkmen is in east oğuz branch...... so they learn our language easily(maybe it takes a month for them).A turk can understand a azerbaijani but he cant understand a turkmen.....its more close to azerbaijani..


OK, I thought that Turkish and Azeri and Turkmenistani is of one branch, thnx )


Yes Turkish is really awesome.


trying to learn but Turkish is very Complex to me


Turkish is the first non indo european language in DuoLingo. So It's a good way to widen your language skills before to start harder languages with different characters. Knowing Turkish is also very interesting, you can reach many historical, cultural information through Turkish! And the expressions will teach you a lot! Come to Turkey and be a guest of one of the most friendly people in the world, you are always welcomed!


Actually i am thinking to visit Turkey this summer


No I do not agree with it being the main zone worsen


Just started learning Turkish on Duo because of a girl I met this semester in college her accent fascinated me and so did the words I am having a blast using this program!


It's a nice language!


Thank you very much love the main zone


I never intended to start learning Turkish but it's great so far!


You think?what is your race?


Race has nothing to do with it. My original language list for known languages for 2020 didn't not have turkish on it. My orginal list was Dutch,English,French,German,Portuguese,Spanish, Russian,Arabic,Mandarin Chinese. I added Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese and Hungarian to my list this year.


I started it on a whim and have become fascinated with it. It is definitely a foray into a different type of language. Knowing English natively, taking Spanish (in school) and German and Swedish (on Duo), they play off rules and words that I already know. Turkish is just so different, in a great way, and it requires a little more effort to remember, particularly in the case of word order - I keep missing questions due to transposing words, and in some languages the word order is much more flexible or not even necessary. I'm not sure if that is just Duolingo's programming or if word order is stricter in Turkish? Not sure if anyone knows?


I understand subject, predicate probe located primarily in Turkish Alien game play ali oyun oynar The opposite is an English language Turkish BUT LOVE COUNTRY AND ZONE


It is very flexible in daily speaking but due to the programming of Duolingo and for the sake of learning proper language you are learning mainly the written and/or most proper form here.


Hello there. My name is Fabian, and I'm 40 years old. I'm an English philologist and a Spanish native; even if I cannot truly consider myself a bilingual speaker, I have a C2 European level in English and a Cambridge Proficiency Degree.

I took the first lesson in Turkish just for fun, as I had been always interested in it, and I have to say I like it quite a lot. Vowel and consonant harmony are very interesting features in a language. Thanks for everything.


It's gonna be 100k soon so I am so happy :))


mən başa düşmürəm


yakında kursun 100 bin talebesi olacak


I tried indo-european languages like "English, persian" I had the learning experience in Iran, I met some azeris and turks which influenced me heavily and urged me to learn turkish, after turkish I am not intending to learn another language, I will take care of these three languages along with my mother tongue "arabic".. I found turkish nice, I love how the words are built, the vowel, I feel it has a soul comparing to persian and english.. greetings


türk, ingilis, necə oxuyurlar yazı kimi olar və asan


Azeri misin? -> Look how Turkish and Azerbaijani are similar!


bəli,bəli, çox az görünür vətəndaşlıq ki, sizin baş verib

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