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"Der er mange skyer himlen i dag."

Translation:There are many clouds in the sky today.

May 13, 2015



Did you know that until the 16th century 'sky' meant 'cloud' in English!


When I was learning Danish, my teacher told me that the Vikings came to England, and pointed up indicating "sky". Since that part of the world is famously overcast, the poor English mistook the word for "cloud" for the word "sky" in general, since cloud cover was more common than open sky, and thus the word "sky" replaced "himmel" in English. Don't know if that's actually true though!


I don't know about the story, but the word that "sky" displaced was "heaven", which is related to himmel.


Ooh, look at all the pretty skies in the heavens!


Is the pronunciation of "der" right here? I listend 10 times, slow and fast, and to me it really sounds like "da".


That is a pretty accurate pronunciation. :)

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