"Bardan geliyorsun."

Translation:You are coming from the bar.

May 13, 2015

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Why not "You are coming from A bar"?


That would be "bir bardan geliyorsun" :)


Thank you, but couldn't the indefinite article be implied, as in the other cases we've gone over where "bir" is optional? Is the subject or nominative case in the original Turkish sentence different from that of the English translation?


It doesn't quite stand true with the ablative for some reason. I have spoken about this with a few native speakers and they all afree that it should be the for some unbeknownst reason. I guess not even Turkish is perfect :)


Thanks again, all Turkish course creators and moderators, for your hard work and awesome service!


It is only allowed when the noun is a direct object and it is nominative.

Bir bar görüyorum. or Bar görüyorum. - I see a bar.
Barı görüyorum. - I see the bar


Thank you. Fancy. Bar or no, it would be hard not to see double from all the grammatical nuances!


Why is it not "You come from the bar"?


"geliyorsun" is the continuous or progressive form "you are coming..." I think that "You come from the bar." would mean "Bardan gelisin." unless the person discussed actually works at the bar and is representing it and you really mean "You are from the bar." in which case I think it would be "Sen bardansın." (or is that "Sen barsından." I am not sure about suffix order yet. AlexinNotTurkey could you add a page about suffix order to your Grammar portal, help!) I think my first was right see this: http://www.101languages.net/turkish/grammar.html


"You come from the bar." would mean "Bardan gelisin gelirsin."


Why not from A bar? I thought "bir" is not compulsory...


Make sure to read the other questions and answers in the discussion before posting. Do Alex and orde90's responses in this thread answer your question?


When does the word end with "dan" and ""

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