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  5. "Did you see the show?"

"Did you see the show?"

Translation:An bhfaca tú an taispeántas?

May 13, 2015



I thought "ar" had to be used for past tense questions.


There's six irregular verbs that use the present tense forms of all particles: bí, feic, téigh, déan, abair, faigh


Are 'taispeantas' and 'clar' (sorry can't type fadas) exact synonyms?


No. The noun taispeantas, is associated with the verb taispeáin, meaning "to show", or "to display", or "to exhibit". Clár means "board", but it also used for a table or list, so it has come to mean "programme (of events)", and in much the same way that in English "a TV programme" has come to mean a single "show", rather than a list of all the shows available, clár in now used for a radio or TV programme.


So clár might refer to a single TV episode? Would taispeantas and/or seó refer to the TV series as a whole?


Focloir.ie gives sraith theilifíse for "television series".

It also has tá a chlár raidió féin aige for "he has his own radio show".

I think that, just as in English, these words are a bit fluid. Which one you choose to use depends on context.

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