"Tá an cailín cróga mar troideann sí leis na buachaillí."

Translation:The girl is brave because she fights with the boys.

3 years ago



On another very similar exercise, DuoLingo suggested "as" rather than "because" as a translation of 'mar,' which in that context made sense, and I believe it makes equal here, but it isn't accepted. Am I missing a subtlety here or is this just an oversight?

1 month ago


What is wrong with 'she is a brave girl'?

3 years ago


That'd be Is cailín cróga í

3 years ago


We assume she is brave because she fights with the boys. How do you say that in Irish? Is the sentence all right in Irish as it is? Does "because" have some other meaning? "She fights with the boys because she is brave" would make more sense.

2 weeks ago


Boys with honor won't fight back. If it's brave she's probably not fighting honorable boys.

1 week ago
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