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  5. "I read a cultural newspaper."

"I read a cultural newspaper."

Translation:Jeg læser en kulturel avis.

May 13, 2015



I read "read" as past tense and not as in "read" in present tense. Therefore I got the wrong answer.


This is a problem throughout the course (I guess it's not easy to think of reading a sentence in a different way to how you wrote it) and we're slowly fixing it. Remember to report when it happens, I've fixed it now.


This doesn't appear to be fixed as I also read "read" as in the past and got it wrong


It should be written " I am reading a cultural newspaper."


Why isn't it kulturelle?


The e-form of adjectives are used if the noun is plural (kulturelle aviser), if it is in the definite form (den kulturelle avis) or with possessives (min kulturelle avis). In this sentence it is an indefinite singular common gender noun so it just takes the base form of the adjective.

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