Splitting up skills - thanks EN-SV team

I just noticed that you've split some skills up (e.g. Food and Animals) and placed them at different spots within the tree, even though they could have been crammed into one (as seems to be/have been the tradition).
Thanks for doing this, it is greatly appreciated.

Not encountering too many skills with 9-10 lessons is a plus, and having the pleasure of learning animal names (etc) throughout the tree instead of all at once is a plus (I personally have a better chance of retaining them, etc).


May 13, 2015

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IMO, it's not so much a tradition than the fact that once the first tree to teach a language exists, other courses (to learn the same language) inherit of the existing tree... :(

Of course, it doesn't quit nothing to the merit of creating the (new) SV tree like that! ;)

Teams are waiting for a long long time (years for some) to be able to do such modifications (and in fact any modification in the structure of the tree: what skills and where, what lessons in each skills, what lexemes are taught ans where...) on the tree they contribute to. But it seems quite close for it to be doable. ;)

I'm just impatient to be able to split various of the ES<-FR and FR<-ES skills. ;)

May 13, 2015
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