"Eux nous aiment."

Translation:They love us.

December 24, 2012

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A choice made by Duolingo. It could indeed be "elles nous aiment", but not "ils nous aiment" because there is an emphasis on the first word changed to "eux", to mean that others do not like us. In the feminine form "elles " remains "elles", no equivalent to "eux".


Do mean 'now equivalent to '"eux"'?


Excuse my French: I meant that there is no feminine version of "eux".

  • ce sont eux
  • ce sont elles


Why the disjunctive pronoun Eux instead of Elles/Ils (as in Elles/Ils nous aiment)?


yes, why is there "eux = them" instead of "ils/elles = they"? In fact in no case using "eux" in the sentence with "aimer" is correct - the sentence, where "them" is used, for ex. "I love them." = "Je les aime."


As I mentioned before, there is an emphasis on the first word changed to "eux", to mean that others may not like us.

And, in the feminine form "elles " remains "elles", no equivalent to "eux", but in writing, we would add a comma, to point the emphasis : "Elles, nous aiment".


Can you change "ils" to "eux" whenever you want to add emphasis, then?


Absolutely right!


Do you mean if I want to emphasize the first word in the sentence, 'you like us', it will be 'toi, nous aimes'? he/she/you/I -> il/elle/soi/toi/vous/moi


The only form that would not work is "on". And there are two formulas only for 3rd persons, singular and plural. For the other persons, the subject pronoun would be repeated after a comma.

  • moi, je l'aime
  • toi, tu l'aimes
  • lui, il l'aime - or lui, l'aime
  • elle, elle l'aime - or elle, l'aime
  • nous, nous l'aimons
  • vous, vous l'aimez
  • eux, ils l'aiment - or eux, l'aiment
  • elles, elles l'aiment - or elles, l'aiment


So, only for Ils/elles can the subject be dropped?

Also, for "on", can't we say the following? Nous, on l'aime.

Merci bien.


It is very frequently used, but incorrect.

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