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Dashboard organization ideas

It would be great if we could click on the dashboard headings to sort kids by a couple different options, such as alphabetically by last name or by level completion. It would also be great to see their progress for a specific date range. We could either type in the range or there could be options of see progress by week or month. Being allowed to type in the date range or view would be helpful if teachers wants to use this as a quarterly grade.

In my class we are using this as the daily warm-up. Students all have their own Chromebooks and so they come in and complete a lesson while I take attendance. They are allowed to work ahead during free time or at home. Each Monday I announce the Duolingo star of the week and that person's name goes on the bulletin board and s/he earns a prize. Winners are determined by who has completed the most activities that week.

May 13, 2015


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