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  5. "A crab needs water."

"A crab needs water."

Translation:En krabbe behøver vand.

May 13, 2015



Crabs are the only normal animals in Denmark where elephants eat people, fishes talk about wine and bears like beer :D


Is there any difference between Behøve and have brug for ?


Nope. One of the definitions of at behøve is in fact "at have brug for noget" (http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=beh%C3%B8ve)


Normally you would use "har brug for" instead of "behøve" in this sentence...


I think this is wrong. I was taught that "behøver" should be used with an adverb to describe something that you don't need. If you need something, it should be "har brug for."

This sentence should be "En krabbe behøver ikke vand" or "En krabbe har brug for vand"

Learned this in my Danish classes here in Copenhagen, correct me if Im wrong.


So DuoLingo, the prevailing consensus is that your sanctioned answer is wrong, or at least equivalent to another supplied answer choice. Please fix it somehow or explain why you don't.

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